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    Raimond Wouda shows groups of pupils at numerous secondary schools in the Netherlands. Wouda photographed the places where students relax between classes.

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    While Andy Summers is best known as the guitarist of The Police (1977-86), his parallel passion for photography has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, and compiled into five books and monographs.

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    Media artist Laura Carton created the photographs in "Stripped" by downloading a variety of pornographic images from the Internet, removing the bodies and then digitally reconstructing the backgrounds from the existing evidence. What remains is the carefully constructed and over-produced fictions of domestic space, suburban melodramas, utopian ideals and fantasies.

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Sabatino, Patti
Salgado, Sebastiao
Salguero, Carolina
Salomon, Erich
Salzmann, Auguste
Sammallahti, Pentti
Sanguinetti, Alessandra
Sato, Tokihiro
Sawada, Tomoko
Scherer & Nabgolz,
Schlemmer, Rodolphe
Schneider, Gary
Schulze El Dowy, Gundula
Schwartz, Joseph
Schwartz, Elliot
Schwere, Frank
Scowen (Scowen & Co. Ceylon), Charles T.
Sebah; attributed to Bechard, Braun, Naya, et. al.,
Seike, Tomio
Selkirk, Neil
Sellers, Laura Mircik
Senior, Lieutenant H. W.
Shambroom, Paul
Shapiro, Celia A.
Sheehan, Robert
Sheeler, Charles
Sheikh, Fazal

Shepherd, Charles
Sherman, Cindy
Shibata, Toshio
Shields, William Gordon
Shin, Eun-Kyung
Shoji, Ueda
Shore, Stephen
Shulman, Julius
Sidibe, Malick
Siegel, Arthur
Sill, Henry
Silva, Joao
Siskind, Aaron
Sklar, Evan
Smith, Joel Preston
Smith, W. Eugene
Solomon, Rosalind
Solyagua, Camille
Sommer, Frederick
Somogyi, Cornel
Soth, Alec
Sougez, Emanuel
Soulier, Charles
Southam, Jem
Southworth and Josiah Johnson Hawes, Albert Sands
Spano, Michael
Spiller, Susan
Spinatsch, Jules

Starn, Doug and Mike
Stasig, Stig
Steichen, Edward J.
Steiner, André
Steiner, Ralph
Steinmetz, Mark
Sternfeld, Joel
Stettner, Louis
Stewart, Frank
Stewart, John
Stieglitz, Alfred
Stillings, Jamey
Strand, Paul
Struss, Karl
Struth, Thomas
Suau, Anthony
Suda, Issei
Sudek, Josef
Sugimoto, Hiroshi
Sugiura, Kunie
Sultan, Larry
Summers, Andy
Surowiecki, David
Sutcliffe, Frank Meadow
Sutton, Eva
Suzuki, Nanae
Suzuki, Risaku
Szarkowski, John