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    Toshio Shibata's large scale photographs show spectacular, anti-erosion engineering structures prevelant in the mountains of Japan. The U.S. recently committed 500 billion dollars to infrastructure planning.

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    While Andy Summers is best known as the guitarist of The Police (1977-86), his parallel passion for photography has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, and compiled into five books and monographs.

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    Media artist Laura Carton created the photographs in "Stripped" by downloading a variety of pornographic images from the Internet, removing the bodies and then digitally reconstructing the backgrounds from the existing evidence. What remains is the carefully constructed and over-produced fictions of domestic space, suburban melodramas, utopian ideals and fantasies.

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Ma, Liuming
Maar, Dora
Macarro, Liberto
MacIndoe, Graham
Mack, Ezra
Madahar, Neeta
Maida, Joseph
Maisel, David
Man Ray, [Emmanuel Radnitzky]
Manglano-Ovalle, Inigo
Mantz, Werner
Manual, (Suzanne Bloom and Ed Hill)
Marangoni, Martino
Marcuse, Tanya
Mares, Paul
Margonelli, Peter
Mark, Mary Ellen
Markov-Grinberg, Mark
Martens, Frederic
Martins, Edgar
Marton, Ervin
Marville, Charles
Maskelyne, Nevil Story-
Mates, Robert E.
Mather, Margarethe
Matiz, Leo

Matsue, Taiji
Mattingly, Mary
McAdams, Dona Ann
McDonough, Paul
McDowell, Bill
McGee (Reuters), Duffin
McNeely, Robert W.
Meatyard, Ralph Eugene
Meeks, Raymond
Meiselas, Susan
Mendoza, Tony
Mermelstein, Jeff
Mestral, Auguste
Meyerowitz, Joel
Michals, Duane
Mikhailov, Boris
Mili, Gjon
Millea, Tom
Miller, Greg
Miller, Richard Copeland
Mills, Joseph
Mise, Tatsuro
Misrach, Richard
Missone, Leonard
Moayeri, Yalda
Model, Lisette
Modica, Andrea

Modotti, Tina
Mohacey, Charles
Mohin, Andrea
Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo
Montag, Daro
Moon, Karl
Moon, Sarah
Moore, Frank
Morath, Inge
Morell, Abelardo
Morgan, Barbara
Morimura, Yasumasa
Morinaga, Jun
Morita, Eri
Moriyama, Daido
Morris, Wright
Moutoussamy-Ashe, Jeanne
Mull, Carter
Muniz, Vik
Munkacsi, Martin
Murphy, Seamus
Murray, Colin
Murray, Dr. John
Muybridge, Eadweard
Muzet, Victor
Müller, Karin Apollonia
Müller, Wolfgang