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    Raimond Wouda shows groups of pupils at numerous secondary schools in the Netherlands. Wouda photographed the places where students relax between classes.

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    Stuart O’Sullivan's, "A Shared History," takes as its theme the history of his wife Dionicia’s family. Her late grandfather’s family were Quakers who migrated to this country in the 1700s. They were among the founding members of the state of Pennsylvania.

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    Mark Steinmetz turns his focus to the southern cities and towns in America. Highly regarded for his black-and-white portraits, Steinmetz is renowned for producing powerful pictures which capture the strong sense of displacement and isolation that is felt by many young Americans.

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Kafka, Ernest
Kaito, H. S.
Kalisher, Simpson
Kanaga, Consuelo
Kanemura, Osamu
Kankowsky (attributed), Ervin
Kaplan, Sid
Karales, James H.
Kasmauski, Karen
Katzenstein, David
Kawada, Kikuji
Kayafas, Peter
Keating, Edward
Keetman, Peter
Keiley, Joseph
Keim, Michelle
Kenna, Michael
Kereszi, Lisa

Kertesz, Andre
Kesting, Edmund
Keystone Co.,
Khaldei, Yevgeny
Khan, Idris
Kikai, Hiroh
Killip, Chris
Kim, Atta
Kim, Intae
Kinney, Barbara
Kinszki, Imre
Kira, Hiromu
Kirby, Don
Klein, Tammy
Klein, William
Klett, Mark
Knowlton, Grace
Koie, Makiko
Kollar, François

Kon, Michiko
Koppman & Co., G.
Kopystiansky, Igor & Svetlana
Korhonen, Nina
Korth, Fred G.
Koudelka, Josef
Kozloff, Max
Krassowski, Witold
Kratochvil, Antonin
Kropa, Andy
Krull, Germaine
Kuhn, Heinrich
Kuniyoshi, Yasuo
Kurita, Koichiro
Kuyas, Ferit
Kuznetsova, Ljalja
Kwon, Boomoon
Kwong Chi, Tseng