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    Mark Steinmetz turns his focus to the southern cities and towns in America. Highly regarded for his black-and-white portraits, Steinmetz is renowned for producing powerful pictures which capture the strong sense of displacement and isolation that is felt by many young Americans.

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    Media artist Laura Carton created the photographs in "Stripped" by downloading a variety of pornographic images from the Internet, removing the bodies and then digitally reconstructing the backgrounds from the existing evidence. What remains is the carefully constructed and over-produced fictions of domestic space, suburban melodramas, utopian ideals and fantasies.

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    Toshio Shibata's large scale photographs show spectacular, anti-erosion engineering structures prevelant in the mountains of Japan. The U.S. recently committed 500 billion dollars to infrastructure planning.

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Hajek-Halke, Heinz
Halard, François
Hamada, Kyoko
Hankin, Hazel
Hanna, Forman
Hanut, Eryk
Hao, Hong
Harbus, Richard
Harbutt, Charles
Harris, Alex
Harvey, Antoinette B.
Hatakeyama, Naoya
Hazard, John B.
Hebert, Jean-Pierre
Heilborn, Emil
Heinecken, Robert

Hemmerle, Sean
Henle, Jan
Henri, Florence
Henry (Skeen & Co.), William Louis
Henry and Paul Henry, Prosper
Hernandez, Anthony
Hester / NASA, Jeff
Heyman, Abigail
Heyman, Ken
Hibi, Yuichi
Hicks, Tyler
Hido, Todd
Higgins, Chester
Hikoma, Ueno
Hill and Robert Adamson, David Octavius
Himmel, Paul
Hine, Lewis W.

Hine, Sheldon
Hinton, Jane
Hiro (Yasuhiro Wakabayashi) ,
Hocks, Teun
Hoepker, Thomas
Hofer, Evelyn
Hoinkis, Ewald
Hondros, Chris
Hooper, Chip
Hoppe, Emil Otto
Horenstein, Henry
Hori, Fusao
Horvat, Frank
Hosefros, Paul
Hower, Robert K.
Hujar, Peter