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    Stuart O’Sullivan's, "A Shared History," takes as its theme the history of his wife Dionicia’s family. Her late grandfather’s family were Quakers who migrated to this country in the 1700s. They were among the founding members of the state of Pennsylvania.

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    Mark Steinmetz turns his focus to the southern cities and towns in America. Highly regarded for his black-and-white portraits, Steinmetz is renowned for producing powerful pictures which capture the strong sense of displacement and isolation that is felt by many young Americans.

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    Toshio Shibata's large scale photographs show spectacular, anti-erosion engineering structures prevelant in the mountains of Japan. The U.S. recently committed 500 billion dollars to infrastructure planning.

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Baer, Morley
Baldus, Edouard-Denis
Baltermants, Dmitri
Bang, Byoung-Sang
Banning, Jan
Barbieri, Olivo
Barker, George
Barker, Stephen
Barrows, Robert
Bartos, Adam
Batten/Sadler, Luke/Jonathan
Bavcar, Evgen
Bayer, Herbert
Bayles, Davis
Bazan, Ernesto
Beals, Jessie Tarbox
Beato, Felice
Beaton, Cecil
Beaucorps, Gustave de
Bellmer, Hans

Berman, Zeke
Berman, Robby
Bernard, Tristan
Bey, Dawoud
Bidaut, Jayne Hinds
Bieber, Jodi
Biermann, Aenne
Billet, C. H.
Binder, Ellen
Bing, Ilse
Bischof, Werner
Bisson, L. A.& A. R.
Blackmon, Robert
Bo, Hai
Bodine, A. Aubrey
Bolton, Gambier
Bonnot, Agnès
Bordwin, Andrew
Boretz, Carrie
Borowiec, Andrew
Bosse, Katharina

Botman, Machiel
Boubat, Eduard
Bourdeau, Robert
Bourke-White, Margaret
Bourne, Samuel
Brassa� (Gyula Hal�sz),
Braun, Adolphe
Bravo, Manuel Alvarez
Breitenbach, Josef
Brill, Charles
Bristol, Horace
Brock, Steven
Brooks, Kate
Brotmeyer, Gary
Bruehl, Anton
Bubriski, Kevin
Bucklow, Christopher
Bullock, Wynn
Burckhardt, Rudolph
Burtynsky, Edward
Butler, Linda